SML Movie: Jeffy's Online School!

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Jeffy has to do school online!

superbowserlogan 6 muaj më parë
Behind the scenes:
P T Ditë më parë
final comment
Boii_Pr 11 ditë më parë
superbowserlogan ekekdkwdk
Stanley Garat
Stanley Garat 20 ditë më parë
@thomasfendog yt cooooool
Stanley Garat
Stanley Garat 20 ditë më parë
July today
Anayeli Chavarin
Anayeli Chavarin Muaj më parë
Perry the Teenage Girl
Perry the Teenage Girl 2 orë më parë
Jeffy: “Moose time” Mario: “No, it’s computer time” Me: “ No, *ItS cOrOnA tImE* “
Tia Herbert
Tia Herbert 3 orë më parë
I just realized that chef pee pee had burns on his hands
Sophia Tran
Sophia Tran 3 orë më parë
i have been blamed
Glitchtrap gaming #glitch roblox
Glitchtrap gaming #glitch roblox 4 orë më parë
Does anybody see taht mute on screen
Hell Boy
Hell Boy 5 orë më parë
Bruh Chef PeePee’s fingertips are burnt off
Khadra Olhaye
Khadra Olhaye 6 orë më parë
SML idea: cody meet him Family
A total L7 weioi
A total L7 weioi 7 orë më parë
Was this made after chilly
Roman Summers
Roman Summers 10 orë më parë
Mario's thinking is like the slowest computer processor
Mariom Akter
Mariom Akter 18 orë më parë
This is not for kids! Child abuse! Aaaaaaaaaa!
Matthew W Jr. Hasch
Matthew W Jr. Hasch 19 orë më parë
Here’s a good example of Rosalina being an idiot. She considers going to a google meet with an old lady stripper, cheating. But dating shrek while already dating Mario isn’t cheating? Does Logan make Rosalina stupid on purpose? Because she is one of the worst characters. She encourages Jeffy to torture Mario, she contradicts herself, get motive in Jerry’s new toy is as convoluted as this video, she sided with Jeffy for no reason in Jeffy’s bad word, and she also jumped to conclusions in Jeffy’s new cell phone. How do I know this? Because Jeffy called a prostitute and Rosalina believed it blindly, even though Mario was with her the whole time, she just beat him up for the sake of a joke that wasn’t even funny. This video sucks, I thought Rosalina in Jeffy’s new toy was bad, but this takes the cake. Logan, make Rosalina smarter. I actually like Rosalina in the Mario games and this is bringing dishonor to a Mario character who for some reason looks like Elsa from Frozen
Altagracia Tejeda
Altagracia Tejeda 21 orë më parë
i found a dog and a cat its relly big fight lmfao
Kelly Guo
Kelly Guo 22 orë më parë
we have to wear masks cause I don’t know what to say but vote Joe
Kelly Guo
Kelly Guo 22 orë më parë
Everybody has online school and I do because of the coronavirus because of Donald Trump
Mason Sidhu
Mason Sidhu 23 orë më parë
Danielle Fox
Danielle Fox 23 orë më parë
Dorothy Trittipo
Dorothy Trittipo Ditë më parë
Gavin Proulx
Gavin Proulx Ditë më parë
Yes I got in trouble because my brother smashed and my mom thot it was me
Sosa Saint
Sosa Saint Ditë më parë
Fun fact that old lady is bowsers mother if you seen the sml mothers day movie u will understand
H1 Ditë më parë
Sml Idea: The Break up! Perhaps Jeffy asks to use the laptop and watches inappropriate vids (not too inappropriate, something funny) then Mario tells jeffy to clean the dishes. When Jeffy leaves, Mario goes on the laptop and Rosalina sees what he’s doing and Rosalina had enough of his disgusting-ness. So she goes to super D. And mario tries to win her back.
ryan hart
ryan hart Ditë më parë
Chef pee pee a real one hahahahaha
King Goomba1506
King Goomba1506 Ditë më parë
Alternate/actual title saw it from a comment: mario’s marriage problem
natalia matyjas
natalia matyjas Ditë më parë
txic. Ditë më parë
wow this is already half a year old
TandA sisters
TandA sisters Ditë më parë
I'm single
high dream
high dream Ditë më parë
NEATBOI _2 Ditë më parë
Ive been fucking blamed on ALL the time so YES
Ken Tan
Ken Tan Ditë më parë
Yes,Like breaking the computer but it was someone else not me
Tyler Pena
Tyler Pena Ditë më parë
Tyler Pena
Tyler Pena Ditë më parë
Rick Fu
Rick Fu Ditë më parë
first word of chef peepee in every video emm emmm emm
Allison Reyna
Allison Reyna Ditë më parë
Manila Bp
Manila Bp 2 ditë më parë
Dum corn
jessica umbao
jessica umbao 2 ditë më parë
Hi I’m from the future and NOTHING CHANGES!!!!!!!!!! Ha wash you HANDS AnD STAY SAFE!!!!! Oof oof oof oOOOOOFF
Roger Thorne
Roger Thorne 2 ditë më parë
Dejuan Allen
Dejuan Allen 2 ditë më parë
Off to ogg
Cc Pizza
Cc Pizza 2 ditë më parë
You should do a video where Jeffrey’s old man
a8kd 2 ditë më parë
how does onlineschool turn into a sexual, cheating, dating video...
Sean Ramborose
Sean Ramborose 2 ditë më parë
Accurate representation of all women
Michael Sylvester
Michael Sylvester 2 ditë më parë
Amina Beyah
Amina Beyah 2 ditë më parë
Idk if yall making jokes but those thing r hippo not Moses
Rebecca N
Rebecca N 3 ditë më parë
Who watching after they got the flu shot I got mine it kinda hurts
Michael Montes
Michael Montes 3 ditë më parë
No the mood Nice to play
Chetan Chavda
Chetan Chavda 3 ditë më parë
Fish you the to and very much you rad okay in you posted in you. There was no answer from the university will not have any other information that we are and what they have the opportunity of an emergency and what the next week will the moderators and
Chetan Chavda
Chetan Chavda 3 ditë më parë
There your the can't you it go in up going op you are not 🍡🍩
Chetan Chavda
Chetan Chavda 3 ditë më parë
And the other hand the in house and we are in and see the attachment for my birthday in this message is intended solely in in house the the and gate of and in my opinion it was in my birthday in a new message the moderators in this case of
Chetan Chavda
Chetan Chavda 3 ditë më parë
The only the first to know that we are and what it takes me back with me on this email
Queanna howell
Queanna howell 3 ditë më parë
HANA CROCHET 3 ditë më parë
So funny
Tatiana Richardson
Tatiana Richardson 3 ditë më parë
Your videos are cool 😎 and 😆
Cristina Alberto
Cristina Alberto 3 ditë më parë
i like
Cristina Alberto
Cristina Alberto 3 ditë më parë
go i like
Cristina Alberto
Cristina Alberto 3 ditë më parë
Travis Adams
Travis Adams 4 ditë më parë
bla bla
bla bla 4 ditë më parë
My friend got blamed that she broke the window next to her neighbour but it was another kid
Fuck Donald trump BLM
Fuck Donald trump BLM 4 ditë më parë
I have, I was having a sleepover with my cousin, he was in his room, me and my other cousin were watching movies on the living room, my cousin that went to his room, he put a speaker on the living room sneaky and played ear rape moaning and my uncle got out of his room and he saw me on my phone and he said “give me your phone” I told him the truth it was my cousin and he said “ why tf are you blaming on him” I said “ because it’s him
ACBaller4 Baller
ACBaller4 Baller 4 ditë më parë
10:04 Yes every time I play among us.
Girly Lanna
Girly Lanna 4 ditë më parë
When Jackie chu coughed he sounded like he was laughing
Princess Js Playday
Princess Js Playday 4 ditë më parë
Rocco taco
Rocco taco 4 ditë më parë
H nnsnekrkrnro
Stan Marsh The Octoling
Stan Marsh The Octoling 4 ditë më parë
Watch I did you didn't hire the principal steinbeck
Hawk Strouse
Hawk Strouse 4 ditë më parë
Acutellel 4 ditë më parë
Its been 7 months since I started online school
boyett42029 5 ditë më parë
That s weird the lady is a prev ert
Eileen O'Connell
Eileen O'Connell 5 ditë më parë
Lol I wish me teacher don’t do that.
Thequietkid 5 ditë më parë
Two months??
Anthony Dominguez
Anthony Dominguez 5 ditë më parë
Sml question: have you been blamed for something you didn’t do? Me: literally every damn game of among us
Cam and K Fenton and Nelson
Cam and K Fenton and Nelson 5 ditë më parë
Chef pee pee likes old people
Tyler Kinnie
Tyler Kinnie 5 ditë më parë
What the actual hell Logan "Jeffy's Online School" took another turn. It was suppose to be about Jeffy having online classes BUT it instead featured Rosalina thinking Mario cheated on her with an 80 year old woman
HM MEADOWS 5 ditë më parë
Show Rosalina the camera footage
Leon Netane
Leon Netane 5 ditë më parë
mr. Mhm
mr. Mhm 5 ditë më parë
Computer or laptop
cactus_controller 5 ditë më parë
everytime is moose time
Miranda Quinn
Miranda Quinn 5 ditë më parë
Asher Younts
Asher Younts 5 ditë më parë
Hi ❤️🥰😍❤️🥰😍❤️❤️
Evan Wilson
Evan Wilson 5 ditë më parë
Yes I have been blamed for something I didn't do. Four years ago back in 2016, a girl name Brittanie Sanders blocked my phone number, my Instagram and Facebook account because she thinks I'm cheating on my girlfriend by giving her a one piece swimsuit, which I wasn't cheating on her.
Levi Atkins
Levi Atkins 6 ditë më parë
I like how rosalina was watching it
UNKNOWN AMXZ 6 ditë më parë
2:11 the mic is muted.
Anngy Felipe
Anngy Felipe 6 ditë më parë
I am big fan me and my frenieme watch it together👁👄👁
Alexis Faze Bot
Alexis Faze Bot 6 ditë më parë
I like the part were they did the parent teacher conference
Lillie Murray
Lillie Murray 6 ditë më parë
She nasty
Lillie Murray
Lillie Murray 6 ditë më parë
She nasty
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez 6 ditë më parë
I have a question how does he confuse those two links 🤣
Danielle Pearce
Danielle Pearce 6 ditë më parë
I'm not going inside Ohgcbjknbjhbbnjnnbr
Liliana Love ASMR
Liliana Love ASMR 6 ditë më parë
My bd was on apr 16
Giandric Cañete
Giandric Cañete 6 ditë më parë
Rosalinas so fucking annoying and mean and assume that Mario cheated on rosalina
DORIS MARTINEZ 6 ditë më parë
DORIS MARTINEZ 6 ditë më parë
Alaina Edwards
Alaina Edwards 6 ditë më parë
I've seen this a few times and I never relised that chef pee pees hand was burnt
Sharp blade Charlie
Sharp blade Charlie 6 ditë më parë
Why does all of Jeffy’s have cussing? That needs to stop
Jhinet Gonzalez
Jhinet Gonzalez 6 ditë më parë
Antwan Lopez
Antwan Lopez 6 ditë më parë
Yes they put a straw in a toilet
Lania Franklin
Lania Franklin 7 ditë më parë
Gay school for jeffy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Thegameryovo775 7 ditë më parë
Sml idea:Jeffy eats his green beans.
꧁Those Gamers꧂
꧁Those Gamers꧂ 7 ditë më parë
1:33 his mic is off sooo MARIO TALKS TO HISSELF!!!
Bruce Babik
Bruce Babik 7 ditë më parë
Sml for life
Bruce Babik
Bruce Babik 7 ditë më parë
Wow that lady
David-Laith Alqaisi
David-Laith Alqaisi 7 ditë më parë
bruz iknow thats notgood but
Lorraine Garnica
Lorraine Garnica 7 ditë më parë
m Mmm
m Mmm 7 ditë më parë
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