SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Revenge!

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Bowser Junior gets revenge!

superbowserlogan Muaj më parë
Go watch the behind the scenes:
Jerry Hunter
Jerry Hunter 16 ditë më parë
@Cliffordlonghead 0
zisdxx X
zisdxx X 17 ditë më parë
NickOn3DS 17 ditë më parë
Turd toes
HipTSM GEORGe 25 ditë më parë
Icky you
Destiny Garcia
Destiny Garcia 26 ditë më parë
Tjcrjx4chsvdf zeff TV dnm fxt chairman CNN
Tony’s Games
Tony’s Games 33 minuta më parë
Pee pee and cop have sex
EggGaming 34 minuta më parë
Heads Shoulder knees and toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes toes
Whitney Harris
Whitney Harris Orë më parë
Jeffy saves the day
Flexble Flex
Flexble Flex Orë më parë
Hen is everyone in sml have sex thoo
Aaron Chagoya
Aaron Chagoya Orë më parë
This is cringe
nick greene
nick greene 2 orë më parë
My car Accident
Ianisadz24 Ianisadz24
Ianisadz24 Ianisadz24 2 orë më parë
Ayo in rewatching this and did yall notice the stove was actually clean
elizabeth martin
elizabeth martin 2 orë më parë
That it never happened
Rip to people who were eating and is seeing Joseph smell the poop
Is Snorlax Fat
Is Snorlax Fat 5 orë më parë
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Ethan Agers
Ethan Agers 5 orë më parë
U should have mad it so that the clown was texting codie froom the basement but the auto correct hated him and made the text say die instead of "your gonna have a tie" and the clown would give him a tie
Gamer Boy 223
Gamer Boy 223 5 orë më parë
Do you still do the funniest comment wins a video game??
Zyiere Mitchell
Zyiere Mitchell 6 orë më parë
Hi Logan can you please do a video of a life in goodman
yuir and light Rodriguez
yuir and light Rodriguez 6 orë më parë
Misty ending hey you stop
Wiliam Frison
Wiliam Frison 6 orë më parë
How many times Jr smashed his phone. ⬇️
Alex Asuncion
Alex Asuncion 6 orë më parë
k.yg.lhko ho ybvg;.bnu,yhmjfbfghvbmnbmj
Larry 18
Larry 18 7 orë më parë
Junior is so annoying
among us gaming!
among us gaming! 8 orë më parë
Don't be mean
Vas GGRite
Vas GGRite 10 orë më parë
Levi Crabb
Levi Crabb 10 orë më parë
dsdefrffrfrft:face mask?
Brayden Hays
Brayden Hays 10 orë më parë
Why did Junior copy Joseph when he said poopy pause
shelbs grazer
shelbs grazer 10 orë më parë
0:24 😂
SGFL Elephant
SGFL Elephant 10 orë më parë
Are u guys going to make a Cody’s real parents or r u guys saving that for his next birthday
MonkeyWiggleTV 12 orë më parë
officer gets so confused he committed suicide
Madlyn Cook
Madlyn Cook 12 orë më parë
** みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を51x51828
vkuni559 k
vkuni559 k 14 orë më parë
Jr suks lol
Ahmad Alqabandi
Ahmad Alqabandi 16 orë më parë
like and subscribed now or els you wiil die like cody
Sandy Wordinger
Sandy Wordinger 18 orë më parë
Chef PeePee Chef PeePee dies right at 3 send you messages
Edward Myers
Edward Myers 19 orë më parë
ENDING: case closed, but masked man kills Cody with a knife in his sleep that night.
Narissa Dewar
Narissa Dewar 22 orë më parë
how junior laughs:BLA AHHAHAHHAHAHAHH , haw cody laughs: heh , how joseph laugh ehehhehehehhehhe
Elba Villalba
Elba Villalba 22 orë më parë
ending : cody tall the cop that jr trid burn his home then the cop put jr in jall for a week the learons dot be meen to other people
cool_ girl
cool_ girl 23 orë më parë
God, if you put the house on fire I don't know what's wrong for you, and you're not gonna get a bunch of voice of rowers from doing that. I don't know how you got bitch, you should be dead interested. 😡
redskalll 900
redskalll 900 23 orë më parë
Jay Peoples
Jay Peoples 23 orë më parë
uh be nice to pepol
Henrietta Sliver
Henrietta Sliver 23 orë më parë
My favorite sml carater id jeffy
Jay Peoples
Jay Peoples 23 orë më parë
Jimmylee Mullins
Jimmylee Mullins Ditë më parë
dunn dunn dunnnnnn
Emmanuel Flores
Emmanuel Flores Ditë më parë
Basement Rat
Basement Rat Ditë më parë
The same ending but Cody's mom finds out they call her a whale and threatens bowser junior but ends up 3 years in fat camp lol
Gacha Cookie
Gacha Cookie Ditë më parë
Bro I don’t know I’m a guy I don’t even know
Nighat Khan
Nighat Khan Ditë më parë
Nighat Khan
Nighat Khan Ditë më parë
Miguel Santiago
Miguel Santiago Ditë më parë
, the hell out t and get back hurts me so
FIREBALL_Z42 - Ditë më parë
4th wall break at the end
Frank Chaviano
Frank Chaviano Ditë më parë
Cody fucking dies and chef peepee laughs
Roblox Gamer1012
Roblox Gamer1012 Ditë më parë
He He
Tommy Doerr
Tommy Doerr Ditë më parë
My name is camden u guys are the best!
Luke Ritenour
Luke Ritenour Ditë më parë
I almost got hit by a car
strawberry_uvu Ditë më parë
You should make Josephs revenge next
kaleb 53 Edgecomb
kaleb 53 Edgecomb Ditë më parë
Odessa Mccan
Odessa Mccan Ditë më parë
Really. Good😍😍😍😍
Wassup boi
Wassup boi Ditë më parë
Paunee Hatcher
Paunee Hatcher Ditë më parë
Ivan Yuson
Ivan Yuson Ditë më parë
OK those the message is creepy
Luz Jimenez
Luz Jimenez Ditë më parë
Emmanuel Villanueva
Emmanuel Villanueva Ditë më parë
I feel so bad for jr he broke his phone for views
J Williams
J Williams Ditë më parë
I love Cody
Yellow įmpøštęr
Yellow įmpøštęr Ditë më parë
Search like in the video and tell me what it was Edit or keller that’s what the captions said
Maxplaysbest 900
Maxplaysbest 900 Ditë më parë
stuff anaimals
stuff anaimals Ditë më parë
I thought all of joesephs family died and he has a UNCLE
bryan cepeda
bryan cepeda Ditë më parë
David Phillips
David Phillips Ditë më parë
My Ending Chef PP gets arrested Cody somehow is still getting rude messages and Junior finds a golden Thomas piggy bank please my ending
Food Mafia
Food Mafia Ditë më parë
🥚 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳 🕳
Tim Turner
Tim Turner Ditë më parë
If sml did not have to be kid friendly they would say sh?t shoes
Kelly Williamson
Kelly Williamson Ditë më parë
aj smith
aj smith Ditë më parë
Rosie Roby
Rosie Roby Ditë më parë
Ghostys Ditë më parë
after watching you guy for the past 4 years ima just say it Junior is really a dick
mahmoud hamada
mahmoud hamada Ditë më parë
I'm foolproof!
MrSkyline Ditë më parë
they would still be able to trace the number to the person once they get the number they can call the phone carrier and they can tell them who it is
Bruh _46
Bruh _46 Ditë më parë
What about a guns shot to cody mom
Alejandrina Martinez
Alejandrina Martinez Ditë më parë
Juana Tapia
Juana Tapia Ditë më parë
I love your vidoe
Luke and Daddy Obi-Wan
Luke and Daddy Obi-Wan Ditë më parë
Have you seen star wars. I make videos kinda like SML but with star wars characters. you should watch my videos if you like sml. At the end of Star Wars Revenge of the sith since Luke's Dad became A sith. Obi-wan Gave Luke to his aunt and uncle. But in my videos Obi-wan adopts Luke and then lader starts dating A ghost named Zelda. So my videos are the Adventures of Luke and his adoptive parents obi wan and Zelda. Plus his Droids R2D2 and C3PO and best friends Han and and Lando. There's also his dads friends yoda and Mr Laid. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE
Jackson Jones
Jackson Jones Ditë më parë
good day
addis abeba
addis abeba Ditë më parë
Hi lol love jeffy
Luna Plays Roblox Heh
Luna Plays Roblox Heh Ditë më parë
Wait is the Texting fake app Thing Real? If it is how u get iy
Paper FNAF 39
Paper FNAF 39 Ditë më parë
This video reminds me of the school project
real_propz Ditë më parë
I’ll be nice and be kind
Rip Xxx
Rip Xxx Ditë më parë
Junior gives up and goes to the bathroom and texted I’m sorry codweeb
Dorothy Woods
Dorothy Woods Ditë më parë
Elian Bebri
Elian Bebri Ditë më parë
Sml idea. Jeffys reveng
Chanter Monkeys
Chanter Monkeys Ditë më parë
SML idea :junior the nerd
Chanter Monkeys
Chanter Monkeys Ditë më parë
SML question answer: I held someone else's moms hand
Blake Jones
Blake Jones Ditë më parë
I said why didn't he go to jail I think that would be a good ending
2770 5
2770 5 Ditë më parë
How did they even know that Junior’s piggy bank broke if it halfway across the house and downstairs?
2770 5
2770 5 Ditë më parë
@Krystle Moniz they actually have NO ears as said in previous episodes.
Krystle Moniz
Krystle Moniz Ditë më parë
@2770 5 They Have Bigass Ears
2770 5
2770 5 Ditë më parë
@Krystle Moniz how could they hear it from that far away?
Krystle Moniz
Krystle Moniz Ditë më parë
They Heard It
milanentwan 1
milanentwan 1 Ditë më parë
I want toe die
J2crzy 24
J2crzy 24 Ditë më parë
Tiktok @j2crzy14
Emily Waldman
Emily Waldman Ditë më parë
chef pp got arrested and had to stair at shrecks but while he did explosive dire
Iyas Yasin
Iyas Yasin Ditë më parë
Shnoder Louis
Shnoder Louis Ditë më parë
Yes it up you say bad words he saying that stuff to friend you should just say I did and you should fuck you dumb and they would not be mad
Paisley Randolph
Paisley Randolph Ditë më parë
Sml idea:jeffy's real whole family
DoggoXD Ditë më parë
Juniors iq will never change it wil always be a goldfish
NEKYDIAMOND Ditë më parë
Alexander Mele
Alexander Mele Ditë më parë
twld idiot
twld idiot Ditë më parë
Idea: Jeffy
Dylan Adkins
Dylan Adkins Ditë më parë
cody mad
Dylan Adkins
Dylan Adkins Ditë më parë
Pz9 Generic
Pz9 Generic Ditë më parë
I will heck you now be prepared
Tedisha Woolcock
Tedisha Woolcock 2 ditë më parë
Vxjsbjuiasgdtdshus7etww ft gtggiwj22eege7w FYI s8gdfss FYI geetyeese
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