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SML Movie: Jeffy's TikTok
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Danyell Smith
Danyell Smith 17 orë më parë
Jeff studder
Bernard Henry
Bernard Henry 17 orë më parë
I want Sml to start reacting to there videos again
Niki Niki
Niki Niki 17 orë më parë
"Top creaming top creaming TOP CREAMMING"
Ludy Talosig
Ludy Talosig 17 orë më parë
its super funny i cant stop laughing
Matt Neff
Matt Neff 17 orë më parë
We haven't had bowser on a while
Anchous Reactor
Anchous Reactor 17 orë më parë
Me Mario: When someone is making me MAD REEEEEEEEEE
Grant Davis
Grant Davis 17 orë më parë
SML Video Idea: juniours dippresion Junior is looking threw the his social media on his phone and decides to take a photo with hi friends because he wants to capture a moment but then everything goes down hill when bully bill in secert is saying really really really mean horibble and crap stuff to him this causes junior to report him but bully bill doesnt get banned. so bully bill continues this behavour and this is happining so much thta junior is getting depressed because of bully bill. then josheph and cody go to jeffy, bowser to telll him whats going on. obviously bowser tells junior to be a man and stop being a pussy so bowser goes to his room to whatch charlie and friends while jeffy calls the cops because he is worried about junior. so when the cops arrive litsens to whats been going on. then all the kids tell brookland guy what happend then cody ask if he could track the number cuz it was serious so brookland guy tracks the number and finds out it was bully bill. and then jeffy goes absolutley mental then goes to bully bills house and breaks through the door and beats up bully bill. Bully Bill says sorry multiple times but then the cops found out what was happining then they arest bully bill for a reallly long time which causes him not to be in videos for a long period of time but junior on the other hand is really really really happy and goes back to his normal life to being a happy kid SIDE NOTE: Dear SML i would greatly appreciate it if you could do this video it would mean the world to me thank you
jason verastegui
jason verastegui 17 orë më parë
😂😂😂 oh my god 2:27
Dragon ball Gaming
Dragon ball Gaming 17 orë më parë
At 2:36 Jeffys dance tho
SASHLEY.ZAYAS 103977 17 orë më parë
the mearch and the sub button is fake
Mozimz 17 orë më parë
SML idea:Joseph gets adopted
CHAN HONG YU陳匡禹 17 orë më parë
0:28 toes toes toes toes
Jay_Fox 』
Jay_Fox 』 17 orë më parë
Isaiah Valentine
Isaiah Valentine 17 orë më parë
you ever noticed that Logan or whoever draws the pictures in the school videos they can draw really good xd
Mrmanof123 17 orë më parë
Imagine if jeffy killed the fish he would replace it with the cracker #jeffyrules
Conner Simpson
Conner Simpson 17 orë më parë
lol Jeffy still has his boxing gloves on
Ma Melinna Carbonell
Ma Melinna Carbonell 17 orë më parë
What happened to chef pee pee's hand in the dinner
Tionte Teeter
Tionte Teeter 17 orë më parë
Why is SML not verified
Amelia Tuiloma
Amelia Tuiloma 17 orë më parë
Nice name crapcake
xBrok3nx 17 orë më parë
this is naruto all over again junior = naruto, cody = sasuke ,saruka = penelope
Vyesw Young
Vyesw Young 17 orë më parë
3:24 chef pee pee was looking at a weird spot🤣
Vyesw Young
Vyesw Young 17 orë më parë
Acctually 3:17
Reed Kelly
Reed Kelly 17 orë më parë
ツK3YT4N 17 orë më parë
I broke someones hoverboard
Nathan Cruz
Nathan Cruz 17 orë më parë
Driving my mom car
Saad Hossain
Saad Hossain 17 orë më parë
Is that a real fish going down 🤔
chong family Vlogs
chong family Vlogs 17 orë më parë
why junior say imma brush my teeth he doesnt had a teeth
Alex Medina
Alex Medina 17 orë më parë
Mubarak Alhazmi
Mubarak Alhazmi 17 orë më parë
And he finnally he say si papy
toys reviewing channel
toys reviewing channel 17 orë më parë
Plz do my sml idea the return of the koopalings cody and joseph cant come to play with junior because cody has homework and joseph is sick so jr wished that his clones were back and then the koopalings break in the house while bowser was watching charly and friends they go to junior junior says soo happy what my clones how did you come in here but im sooo happy to see all of you guys and each 7 takes a turn to hug jr chef pp comes and saw them then he yells bowser then jr and the koopalings hide him in the pantry bowser comes to check on jr then he saw them he immediately catches all 7 of them and puts them in the box then bowser says yelling at jr jr were did you find them do you even remember what happend last time then jr says but dad joseph and cody cant come so please give them another chance then bowser says ok but if they mess up the house again im puting you in the box with them jr says ok bowser gets the koopalings out of the box and after 20 minutes bowser checks on the house saw that the house was super clean and then he says well I guess you were lucky jr because those clones cleaned the house you can keep them all of them yell yay and then bowser says I think im hungry chef pp bring me food then they say uhoh
dannyboy 17 orë më parë
3:22 my favorite dialouge of all sml videos
Carol Mburugu
Carol Mburugu 17 orë më parë
i beg you
Taygon Aploon
Taygon Aploon 17 orë më parë
I found chef pee pee legs Sml u wave to search chef pee pee Draw
Carol Mburugu
Carol Mburugu 17 orë më parë
Carol Mburugu
Carol Mburugu 17 orë më parë
do a evil dimenshon video
jordy the fishy
jordy the fishy 17 orë më parë
Chef pp is right Jr is a brat
Dmoneyshaw 17 orë më parë
here an sml idea Cody turns staright
Cedieisloved 17 orë më parë
Okay I like Mario and Jeffy
Harry 17 orë më parë
Hey wait, there is an ad on this Awesome!
Danail Getsov
Danail Getsov 17 orë më parë
The worst thing I have ever done is... well I murdered my ex when I saw her with the mail man I strangled her and ate her last breath then stabbed her tits while I said” who will like you now hoe” then I clapped her cheeks BTW that was a joke I always were single
̇ 17 orë më parë
You guys forgot Cody’s birthday
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez 17 orë më parë
i hate wen fucking bitchis
Miller Macuga
Miller Macuga 17 orë më parë
This was posted on my bday
Blackeon 17 orë më parë
Darren Jerome
Darren Jerome 17 orë më parë
The money part was funny 🤣
Joel Marquez
Joel Marquez 17 orë më parë
He should have worked at good burger. He'd be mad as fuck
Scarlett rose
Scarlett rose 17 orë më parë
I can't wait til I turn 18
Shane Reese
Shane Reese 17 orë më parë
Happy birthday Cody
Jennifer morris
Jennifer morris 17 orë më parë
How does Joseph have a phone if he’s poor
Alexiraptor 17 orë më parë
Fat Jr is on his dads head
Jasmin Bromilow
Jasmin Bromilow 18 orë më parë
Dylan Uceta
Dylan Uceta 18 orë më parë
Landon Lotridge
Landon Lotridge 18 orë më parë
He had ww2 flashbacks in the start of the vid
Happicinno :p
Happicinno :p 18 orë më parë
When I looked at this I first thought it was selling drugs and upon further inspection I realised it was Hershey’s chocolate xD
Mystic gaming
Mystic gaming 18 orë më parë
Jr:yes mr.plumber Brooklyn guy:no no mr .plumber was my father
Twister PlayZ
Twister PlayZ 18 orë më parë
Who else realized the stuffing coming out of Jeffy’s arm 8:28
Barbara Butler
Barbara Butler 18 orë më parë
Love you guys SMI
k j
k j 18 orë më parë
Alexander Dimov
Alexander Dimov 18 orë më parë
The passcode to jeffy's phone is 7890
PR0_GGRAM3D 18 orë më parë
make a vid where jackie chu quits and he goes too china and then comes back
Taylor Seigfreid
Taylor Seigfreid 18 orë më parë
The butler I like to move it move it I like to move it move it you like to all in the houes move it
Anonymous ZP
Anonymous ZP 18 orë më parë
SML idea: ReawaKEN! Plot: Puppet Ken's soul usurps Ken. Jeffy, Junior, Joseph and Cody are at their homes playing Fortnite. After that, Cody uses the bathroom. Luigi comes to visit Mario. After that, Mario asks Luigi to take Jeffy to McDonalds. Joseph and Cody visit Junior but Cody forgot to bring Ken and says he lost him. After that, they decided to have a sleepover. Then Ken breaks into Junior's house and kills Joseph. Next, Ken sneaks into Mario and Rosalina's room and murders them and then Shrek appears in the bathroom eating 10 pounds of stacked cheesecake and taking a poop. Ken appears in the doorway, then he murders Shrek offscreen. Junior and Cody manage to survive and then they beat up Ken, tie him up and calls Chris Tall Balls to exorcise him. After that, Puppet Ken possesses Chris and then Chris jumps out of the window! (Inspiration by The Exorcist 1973) Deaths: Mario, Shrek, Joseph, Chris Tall Balls and Rosalina
Da Booch
Da Booch 18 orë më parë
Will we ever see Mama Luigi again Logan?
Happicinno :p
Happicinno :p 18 orë më parë
This literally takes me back to when pokemon cards made you hella popular at school-
Morgan Bartlett
Morgan Bartlett 18 orë më parë
I would not mess with jeffy
QT SAGE 18 orë më parë
Killed a fish😐😐😐😑😑😑
Spring bonnie Gaming
Spring bonnie Gaming 18 orë më parë
Cheef pee pee is halousrious at the end
Jackson Griffiths
Jackson Griffiths 18 orë më parë
bro u kill an fing fish for a video and money that fucked up
Thomas Stewart
Thomas Stewart 18 orë më parë
I have a cat friend name Leo he was born February 22, 2004 age 17 and I have another cat friend name Luna Leo know’s Luna and the third one is Jasper Jasper was born May 27, 2008 he is Leo and Luna and my dog friend he knows Leo Luna there’s another dog friend named Linci linci was born October 10, 2007 and there’s another dog friend mocha was born May 15, 2019 they all know Luna Leo Jasper and me
Jack Plays Xbox
Jack Plays Xbox 18 orë më parë
The worst thing I have done is cut loads of my hair off and blamed it on my cat 🐈 I said it came up to me and cut my hair with scissors
Michelle 18 orë më parë
The worst thing I ever done is me crying about chocolate for 15 minutes lol lol
pruuu`s gameing
pruuu`s gameing 18 orë më parë
Hey I have does 0^0
Murveta Boljevic
Murveta Boljevic 18 orë më parë
UwU helllllllooooo helllllllllllllllllllooooooooo
Dylan Uceta
Dylan Uceta 18 orë më parë
*eats fish *
Nyaire Ruffin
Nyaire Ruffin 18 orë më parë
Hi hi I just
Thomas Belmudez
Thomas Belmudez 18 orë më parë
What if Goodman is Joseph's stepdad. Cuz where did he get all that money from he's probably just lying about his mom and probably Richard are gooodman gave them it.
Sha-Mere Sease
Sha-Mere Sease 18 orë më parë
they walk like an ghost
Maylen Santos
Maylen Santos 18 orë më parë
Mean Brower. Be nice
Chris_FNaM2021 18 orë më parë
SML was so much funnier when the Mario characters were in it, I'm so angry at Nintendo for making them use their own puppets of them. Great video guys 😄
Emil Allard
Emil Allard 18 orë më parë
You should make a video about jeffy eats chicken because chicken is healthy for you and it's good I would like to see his reactshion like if you agree
Nyaire Ruffin
Nyaire Ruffin 18 orë më parë